Mission Accomplished


The Saga of Captain Barack Obama

Under our Captain Barack Obama's mis-direction our ship has gone aground. The ship has a rat infestation. Carefully hand chosen rat friends have been tasked with investigating the Captain for his part in the mess. As expected, the media is on his side, or in his pocket, and can't or won't  find any fault. The previous Captain may have left him with a faulty ship they say or as they say he inherited an already sinking ship .  But to blame the previous Captain is to be dishonest.  But this Captain will not take any responsibility for his own actions and there lies the problem. He blames all his woes on the other Captain.  The ship has a newspaper that is also run by the rats. Daily articles all say the Captain is almost God like. The resemblance, they say , is uncanny .The captain has never commanded anything larger than a bath tub toy boat, but we were told experience doesn't matter. We needed change. He claims to have a real Captains license somewhere, but it's locked away from prying eyes. I think it was something about his right to privacy. 
Captain Obama blames the bad economy on the “wealthy” who are not paying their “fair” share of taxes, not on the part of the population who pay “no” taxes while receiving all kinds of benefits from those that do.Since when has it become a crime in America to become successful financially? I guess it's since this Captain came into power.
The Captains wife is unavailable for interview. She is off on yet another vacation with 500 of her dearest friends, courtesy of the cruise line. Many of the Captains closest rat friends are crying" Bailout, Bailout"! They have been allowed free access to the ships big safe where the gold is stored. It would be a shame they say, for all that gold to go down with the ship. 
He has taken no steps to  put the sinking ship on the right course. Captain Obama won't abandon his sinking ship. But then again, Narcissists never do.
In reality,  at least the Italian cruise ship captain is under house arrest, where he can't do any further harm to property or to people.  That's more than I can say for Captain Barack Obama. .

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