Mission Accomplished


The truth is that we´re surrounded by idiots!

And now we are finding that there are Chemical weapons in Syria.  Well imagine that! Chemical weapons in Syria, who would have thunk?  I wonder how Syria got Chemical weapons with Barack Obama the Great One not knowing about it?  
Or, maybe, just maybe, George W. Bush was right all the time and Iraq DID have Chemical weapons that were shipped off to Syria as was first thought!  And maybe, just maybe Bush didn't lie after all!
If you remember as I do,Bush listened to the  democratic critics on Iraq,and he kept postponing the invasion, waiting for UN sanctions, and for those famous UN Inspectors and approval for the invasion. That gave Saddam Hussein more than enough time to ship the weapons to Syria.
 Of course President Bush was right about Saddam´s WMDs -- but the Liberal media decided on the motto "Bush lied people died"

The question sould be, "where did Syria get these WMD?".

Did someone else provide them to Syria? Like maybe Iraq?
None of these are good outcomes for the Obama administration, not for  Hillary Clinton, not for Susan Rice, and certainly not for Barack Hussein Obama, or
his demented old grinning idiot Joe Biden.

Either they failed to detect a WMD program, failed to detect WMD smuggling operation, or BUSH WAS RIGHT!
So now the truth is coming out and President Bush should be  vindicated....
 WE desperately need some real Men in the White House, not a Chicken Shit Liar....
And now Syria has weapons of mass destruction
But the left in this country will never ever be able to admit that Bush was correct.
Shame on the naysayers and the sheep who believed them. Shame on the liberal press and the Democratic swine who were willing to smear George Bush. And Shame on those voted to give this Socialist another 4 years to further destroy America.

Merry Christmas President and Mrs. Bush and a Happy New Year You were a very GOOD  president that kept us safe, rich and fully employed.
 For eight years he kept the Democrats away from redistributing us away to the undeserving freeloaders.