Mission Accomplished


It's almost February, time for nothing but else but Black News

I'm kind of like the rest all of you old right-wing ignorant racists, just sick and tired of hearing all about Black News for the entire month of February.
If it's Obama that you have a problem, then your a racist, the race card has been played and played and overplayed by Obama and all  of the others in that party of progressives... race is not the issue with Obama, it is his stupidity. Plain and simple.  If you call him a bad president because  of the socialist things he suggests, your a racist. 
Well I'm going to call him whatever I feel like calling him, And while we are on the subject, aren't you sick and tired of hearing about Martin Luther King every February, we just went thru his spending January talking about his birthday for a month, now it's time for Black History, and the history of slavery, and Malcolm X, and Black news, and Miss Black America, and the list goes on. 
Why is there a "Black history" month, but no "White history" month? Or no Miss White America, or White news, or White entertainment television?

And if there were, It pretty much would be considered "racist."

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