Mission Accomplished


The Occupy Oakland protesters vandalized City Hall ... 400 of them were arrested .

Oakland, Calif.— Officials surveyed damage Sunday from a volatile Occupy protest that resulted in hundreds of arrests the day before and left the historic City Hall vandalized after demonstrators broke into the building, smashed display cases, cut electrical wires and burned an American flag.

Police placed the number of arrests at about 400 from Saturday's daylong protest — the most contentious since authorities dismantled the 
Occupy Oakland encampment late last year.

Jean Quan condemned the local movement's tactics as "a constant provocation of the police with a lot of violence toward them" and said the demonstrations were draining scarce resources from an already strapped city. Damage to the City Hall plaza alone has cost $2 million since October, she said, about as much as police overtime and mutual aid.

My Opinion?
This fool of a Mayor should be impeached she is a typical a leftist moron like so many of the others around the country she encouraged the occupy movement and now she got to deal with the consequences ...

I wonder who is going to rebuild and clean up the mess and damage in your city?  All the people in Oakland California  will suffer the consequences of the destruction that these lunatics did to your City.  So now YOU deal with it.

Or maybe you should call up your Socialist friend in the White House, he’s good for a few bucks.  I’m thinking that the entire 400 of them should be put in jail for maybe 400 days. Or is your punishment for this going to be a slap on the wrist?
And by the way, since when is "rioting,"considered "demonstrating."

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