Mission Accomplished


Michelle Obama, shopping at Luxury lingerie shop Agent Provocateur - the sexiest shop in the world? Say it isn't true!

Michelle Obama snobs American stores by her $50,000 shopping spree at Agent Provocateur, known as the sexiest  and most pricey boutique in the world. 



My Opinion? 

It's the hypocrisy of this women that gets me. And the fact that the American economy is in  such bad shape, and still, she had to spend $50,000 in a British shop. I'm tired of it. It's almost as if they are rubbing it in our faces.

And silly you, thought that she only shops at Target.

But I guess that Nothing's too good for the Queen.

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  1. the store says this isn't true, but their FALSE claim rests more on how she hasn't pushed sales up than she actually spent this much money.
    We'll NEVER know the truth about people the media'll cover up for, will we.
    Gee, that story about Mrs Gingrich's big taste for Tiffany's sure did make the papers, didn't it.
    But, then, she's a Republican.


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