Mission Accomplished


Something To Think About

With Democrats and Obama in control at the end of his first term. Everything he and they have done has been wrong, unless destroying our economy is their aim. None of these people are stupid or crazy. They are well aware of what they have done and show no sign of remorse, or change. More accurately, they are doubling down on their liberal vision (to the business owner, "you didn't build that!) , gambling that our public education system and the influx of low income voters from south (reported, children, born here of illegal aliens, documented citizens, are turning 18 yr of age at rate of 12,000 per month), will provide a winning margin of votes. To think about these and the many other obvious threats to our country, that must be known to these writers and voters that defend these defenseless actions of the liberal Democrats, one, me at least, must put Them in the Obama group that is perfecting the long discussed agenda to destroy this economy and in the chaos rebuild the new in their vision of perfection. None of these mentioned, imo deserve our respect, or vote!

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