Mission Accomplished


I wish I had said that!

Those of us with a conscience and moral values see exactly what is going on, and we don't like it.. 
We see the indecency and corruption of our government, and the hope and change that we were promised has been a total sham from day one. 

The only hope for America is that we will never have to see the  face's of the Obama's in the White House after November. 
It may be be a struggle to win with the likes of liberal media and the late night comedians, MSNBC, Media Matter, George Soros and his affiliations and foot on the core of American liberals, but win we must if our dear country is to survive.

We have a unelected Dictator named Michelle Obama who has managed to take away a Turkey Sandwich, Banana, Chips and Apple juice from an innocent little 4 year old girl, who was happy her mommy made her delicious lunch.  And it coulf have been worse, God forbid she could have been caught with a cheeseburger in her lunch box.  Yes we have a newly appointed Food police  force examining the lunch boxes of little children  to make sure that their Big Bad Mommy hasn't sent a candy bar to school with little Mary or Tommy.
Student's are  is getting death threats at school for a sing a long.  We see our mighty military reduced to a scary low. .
So, it will be a battle to win in November, but for the grace of God, Miracles do happen. And then, we won’t be subjected to this cruelty and maybe a little girl is not damaged by the likes of radicals any longer.

Could you imagine Eleanor Roosevelt or Laura Bush taking an Aspen vacation during the worst part of the Great Depression, one month after taking a Hawaiian vacation, after Martha’s Vineyard, after the African vacation, after the South American vacation, … well you get the picture.

And for this, I blame the voters. I blame them so much for what we have been subjected to for the past 3 years. The damage has been done and the only recourse is that the voters can put and end to the worse 3 years in America’s history behind us once and for all. I hope we never have to live through this ever again.


  1. Me Opin - That makes me Really mad. Did Michelle Obama Really take all those vacations?
    Eleanor Roosevelt never took ANY vacations. And neither did Laura Bush. I mean even when she was at Crawford with the First Hubby - I'm sure she hadta cook them tacos and Stuff. This is Outrageous - Opin. And thank you for exposing Michelle Obama for the Black Charleten that she obviously is.

    What next? Why I bet she'll start telling Mothers here in America what to put in their Kid's lunches.

    The Nerve Of Her.

    Thanks MeOpin.

  2. But will voters learn anything from all of this?

  3. Lest anyone think the Lunch Police is pure fiction I did read about this or a similar case in the NY Post a few weeks ago.


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