Mission Accomplished


The real tragedy is that a young man is dead, another man’s life as well as their two families will never be the same.

The circumstances surrounding the death Trayvon Martin, the young black Florida teen shot dead by George Zimmerman, who was a neighborhood watchman and as many say a wannabe cop is a tragic story no matter how it winds up. But, lets take a look at what may have contributed to this tragic story. The Black on black crime in the inner cities is a direct result of the lack of parenting in the black families. Also the long lack of education and the value of life that has left the black  community  with single moms who have no clue what a man-of-the-house is. While Big Daddies and the rapper’s are worshiped, idolized ,respected, and honored like role models  roam the streets, not having any idea of what responsibility is. Their idle time eventually leads, in some way or another, to them shooting one another. This problem is more obvious than the sun we see hanging in the sky. Yet, we get not even a peep out the so-called "civil rights leaders," like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. But let one young man die resulting from the gunshot of a man who can even be assumed to be white, and those RACE PIMPS AND COLOR HUSTLERS, will come running out of the wood-work smelling a reason to picket or protest Whitey , and whip the entire nation by inciting riots, before ever getting the details or the facts of the story straight; or even feeling the need to. People like Sharpton and Jackson are a disgrace to America, let alone the African American Community who suck up to these 2 fakes, phoneys. And frauds.   Where are they in any effort to try and reverse the trend of the destruction of the family in the black community? Did you ever even hear one word of advice to their community?  Do you know what slave owners in the South did? In their cruel, and greedy hardheartedness, they ruthlessly broke up innumerable generations of families, to sell individuals like parts of a stolen car. Do you know what the race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are doing?  They are completely obliterate any idea of family in the African American community. Rappers like Puff Daddy, and Lil Wayne, and Pimp Daddy, and Bid Daddy Kane to name a few are pumping violence, infidelity, murder and abuse of women  to name a few things -into the minds of a whole generation of our young people. But the Jackson/Sharpton buffoons are only looking for the next cause to leach onto, and push the nation towards race wars.
Let these naive, groveling liberal wimps make Trayvon Martin, a common street thug, a martyr for their life long cause to vanquish their inner guilt. They look silly walking around and protesting and going to Church in those stupid looking solidarity hoodies
Go ahead, lay that white guilt on me and every other white person. Even our first half white or white African president sides with the gangsta.  When will this madness end?  When Hell freezes over I’m afraid. You decide to hang with these Flash-Mobs, you decides to align yourself with street gansta’s who are the lowest form of pond scum, you wind up getting shot by a drive by gangsta or a rapper who wants to make a name for himself.

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