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Liberalism Is a Mental Illness

Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, call them whatever they wish to be labeled these days and they use these terms to hide behind the Democrat's Party, but the bottom lines is that they are not the Democratic party of yesterday they are a radical bunch of blissfully ignorant Communists.
Except for the few who may be actually mentally retarded, all Progressives are literally fascists, and have a radical political agenda.
Call them what you may but history shows us that Socialist, Fascist, Nazi and Progressive are just different names for the same koolaid-drinking movement.
Hitler’s had the same Progressives' agenda that Democrats have now.

The fact that they cannot see what is going on when it’s right there before their very eyes and when it is shown to them day in and day out, is as scary as the followers of Nazism, and Communism,, or any other Jonestown-type koolaid-drinking socialistic agenda. Today’s liberals tend to destroy the principles which our freedoms were founded, They are spoiled, and angry and jealous of the American way and they will stop at nothing to achieve their demands that a entitlement and compensation giving government meet all their needs otherwise known as "
Government Assistance"
  from cradle to grave. We just saw this example in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.
These entitlements, food stamps, welfare,
"Government Assistance", and other means of compensation such as affirmative action produce children to develop all the way from infancy to adulthood the distorted and irrational beliefs of the liberal mind. And thus Liberalism is a mental illness, and produced the unequivocally political madness that we see in America today.  It kind of makes  you think about that Hope and Change" doesn't it!


  1. DemocratsAbroad: You are not a qualified psychiatrist. If you were, you would have known better than to phrase your thoughts the way you did. You would most certainly never be published in a psychiatric journal because you don't know how to express yourself properly in your writing.

    To call Jesus a moron is psychiatrically inaccurate and is just a phrase born of extreme ignorance.

    You are no more than someone parroting what he has heard from others, with no concept of what psychiatry is all about.

    Like all liberals, you believe that if you say something it is true, regardless of whether or not it actually is. In fact, you believe it is true because you said it.

    You are a fake, a liar and a total hypocrite.

  2. Mark: You hit the proverbial nail on the head.

  3. Me Op. - If Liberialism is a Mental Illness - than that may be why I signed up for it.

  4. sue hanes you are a great example of the author of this blog
    Me? Opinionated? meant.

  5. Joe,
    You don't know what I am, do, or do not do for profession. ( And the same applies to my certain knowledge of youreslf).

    The headline of this post shows you are not qualified or knowledgeable in mental health issues.
    Yes there are mentally ill liberals, but also mentally ill conservatives, atheits, people of faith, agnostics, etc., etc..
    To label an entire philosophy, which has many millions of 'adherants', as 'a mental illness' is ludicrous, and shows the typical sweeping, deluded claims we have come to expect,and pity from your ilk.

    The point you make regarding my writing 'style' in my previous comment, I will concede is reasonable based upon that particular comment by me , but bear in mind even professional people come back from the bar and post somewhat drunk , which may not be the best time to 'express' oneself.
    Everything I wrote previously is correct, if as conceded above somewhat clumsily expressed, in the circumstances.

    Anyone who believes in any god, is a sad individual who can not get through life without the emotional crutch of religion.
    I feel sorry for your type, and that includes my step mother, so I am writing from personal experience, not just reacting to brazened blogs such as yours.

    Whether or not you believe my stated profession I really do not care; but I would hope you would not be so crass or insensitive to dismiss out of hand the fact that I also have a family member who is bi polar , so know all the symptoms and the way the condition 'expresses' itself, in my family as well as my workplace.
    My brother has claimed he was 'the son of god' during three of his many 'high' periods.

    If you are not aware, that it is a classic symptom of the extreme manic phase in bi ppolar disorder, to have such delusions, then you Sir, have no knowledge of this particular psychiaatric illness.

    I have wasted more than enough time at this site, browsing blogs can be a joy , but sometimes like when walking in the city one unexpectedly stumbles in a load of shit.

    Have a nice day.

  6. If liberalism is a mental illness, we seem to have some
    large groups suffering from it: over 92% of scientists vote
    Dem, over 75% of Jews, most educators, etc. Dig into the vote demographics in the last election-56% of the female population, 56% of Catholics, 65% of people under age 30...
    consequently to reverse paraphrase your self description-
    you are opinionated, and not always right.


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