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The Dull And Boring Democratic Convention

If you watched The Democratic National Convention, then I'm sure you found it to be as  dull and as boring as I did.   It was dull and boring because you and I  have heard that some old crap known as "Hope and Change" before.  The Democratic National Convention was filled with stupid and nonsensical speeches from that same old bunch Obama  surrogates that we have been bombarded with for months, and years.  Crazy Uncle Joe Biden with his dog and pony show line  "Bin Laden is dead,and GM is alive" Kind of gets you fidgety and itchy just listening to it, doesn't it?   It's kind of hard to hold an audience when everyone knows and has heard the ending.

And when The Democratic National Convention ended Thursday night with a speech by President Barack Obama, I thought that it was really Bill Clinton who was running for election instead of Obama.
Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair was more exciting that Obama's entire speech.
An enpty chair was more exciting than an  empty suit!

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