Mission Accomplished


Isn't there something is very strange about this?

This is the President of the United States. How can the Secret Service allow a stranger to actually pick him up like this?

Unless this was a Set Up photo-op!

After a visit to a Florida pizza shop Scott Van Duzer, the owner of the Big Apple Pizza, who is clearly a fan of the president. Lifted him off the ground in a  bear hug to show his appreciation... (of what I don't know) . And the Good Old Boy that he is Obama could not contain his delight as he laughed heartily with the pizza shop owner after he was finally set down on the ground in front of shocked customers and some of the President's staff.
Now come on folks, this was so staged that it isn't even funny.  If you look around, there isn't a Secret Service person  anywhere near him, so what the hell!

Either this is a staged Photo-Op or the Secret Service people on this job should be fired immediately.  And if it wasn't staged, why didn't the guy have 50 bullets in him? 
Either way this wasn't exactly very presidential, to say the least.

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