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Michelle Obama. an "Angry black woman" ?

Earlier this week, I've been reading a lot and just about every here and there I couldn't help but see articles about  people are trying to pin the "angry black woman" stereotype on Michelle Obama. What confuses the heckity heck out of me is that I've never even heard  of that term or stereotype. I've heard of the "angry trailer-park woman" stereotype that was a fixture on Jerry Springer. I've heard of the "angry joyless liberal" stereotype that was a fixture on "All in the Family." You never saw Meathead enjoying life, except when he was getting frisky with Gloria.. I've heard of "Angry Black Gangsta male" stereotype, and even like some of the music it produces. I've even heard of  "Angry Black Gangsta Rappers" using Angry Black terms like the dreaded "N" word.
I have to admit I was a little surprised that she herself used the term "Angry Black Woman,’”
Now I have a pretty good background in the field of stereotyping, so  I should recognize current and historic racial prejudices, and "Angry Black Woman" is a complete mystery to me. It's really a new one to me.  I get the impression that someone invented a nonexistent racial stereotype out of whole cloth and tried to pin it on the Angry White RightWingers. Can anyone tell me where this claptrap came from?  Maybe she made it up herself?

Well that pretty much sums it up

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